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Tad 4 years ago
The guy is gay, why is he married
... 4 years ago
This is gay
*-* 4 years ago
I feel bad for the husband
Claire 3 years ago
I do this to my little bf haha
should i 2 years ago
My friend is gay and he has asked me if I would like to suck his cock, i want to ive never done it before i still love pussy but i fantasize about sucking a cock all the time
Pieno 4 years ago
gay af
4 years ago
I want to lick her toes
2 years ago
She is fine. Id suck the pussy of his cock too.
4 years ago
Why this shit is not on gay porn? xD the husband is lame. he doesnt even try it.
oldkiller 3 years ago
the dude is fucking gay his wife tells him to suck dick and he did it that dude is a ass to listen to his wife he sucks a man dick i would kick him out of my fucking house if i was her